You Can Do Both: How To Pay Off Debt & Invest if you make less than 50k

taught by Candice Marie

Course description

Here's to no longer wishing you were better with money. 

You may have reached an age where you feel like you should have your finances together, but secretly you'd be ashamed if people saw how you were managing your finances. You're tired of wishing things were different and you're ready to get serious when it comes to saving your money, paying off debt and investing. That's exactly what this workshop will teach you. Anthony and I are here to guide you to becoming financially strong and having a solid plan for your money because we've been exactly where you are. This is a previously recorded video where you'll get access to the presentation, the exact spending plan that I use when I'm coaching clients one-on-one, and a net worth tracking sheet.

Taught by Anthony Copeman & Candice Latham

Candice  Marie
Candice Marie

The Young Yet Wise Way is a place where women realize that yes money is important, but so are other areas of our life. We are not only striving to get our money right, but also working on other areas of our life like our wellness, personal development and exploring the ideas of entrepreneurship.

Mission: To inspire millions of ambitious professional woman to get better at mastering their money and other areas of their life.  Mind (books personal development, meditation), body (food, workout, sleep, healthy relationships), soul( prayer, forgiveness)  and bank account they are all connected.

own money journey of having a negative net worth and not knowing much about money to having a positive net worth and paying off 47,000 worth of debt.  Her mission is to now help others do the same.