Kendra retired at 32

Thanks to her rental properties

I briefly ran into Kendra in Dallas at a personal finance conference back in October. Then I saw her post on Instagram about her rental property little did I know she owned and managed not just 1 rental unit but 8 of them, which bring in $10,000 a month. It's safe to say that I've been stalking Kendra ever since lol. Have you always dreamed of buying your first home or even a rental property? Well, Kendra is here to give you the keys she wishes she knew before buying her first home. What better way to move forward towards your home ownership goals than to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

What's included

One hour masterclass on the things you should do to prepare for buying your first home

  • Excel budget spreadsheets help you plan for your next property purchase!

  • Find Out How Much House You Can Afford, Figure Out How Much Your Down Payment Might Be, Calculate Your Total Closing Costs,Map Out Your Savings Plan and A BONUS: 30 Year Amoritization Schedule

  • House Huning Handbook PDF Download

Course curriculum

Jump start your home buying knowledge

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    What I wish I knew before buying my first home Masterclass
    • Tips on preparing to buy your first home
    • The house hunting handbook
    • Home budget excel