The Path to Debt Freedom: The journey from $47,500 of debt to $0

taught by Candice Marie

Course description

Do you have a dream of being debt free? In this class I'm sharing the strategies that I used on my journey of paying off $47,500 worth of debt while having a positive net worth so that you can walk away with a better idea of how to pay off your debt in 2018.  This is a replay of my live 1 hour masterclass. Here's what you'll learn inside:


  • Creating your monthly spending plan
  • The importance of investing during your debt journey                  
  • Where to start with your debt payoff plan. Figuring out which debt strategy is best for your.             
  • Making extra money to use towards your debt   
  • Knowledge of financial management                
Candice  Marie
Candice Marie
Instructor Title

I’m Candice Marie your personal finance friend that wants you to win this year and beyond.

6 years ago Candice Marie didn't want to check her net worth because she knew it would be in the negatives. She created a blog called Young Yet Wise to help her stay on track and learn more about her own money. Today she has a positive net worth, built up savings, investments and paid off $47,500 worth of debt and is now on a mission to help others do the same. 

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The Path to Debt Freedom: The journey from $47,500 of debt to $0
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