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Let’s face it: you’ve been ignoring your money goals like a late night text from your ex. Time to change that! Join the Young Yet Wise Society, and learn how to to properly manage your money. Once your finances are in order, you’ll feel more confident about yourself, and maybe even forget about that terrible ex of yours!

+ You realize you can't reach your money goals alone, and you need some accountability because where would Oprah be without Gayle.

+ You're having trouble sticking to your budget especially when you walk into Zara money just seems to throw itself at the cashier.

+ You find yourself overspending as if your bank account is Beyonces.

+ Your idea of self control is YOLO, I deserve this.

+ You find yourself using your emergency fund money on sales at Sephora .

+ Unexpected expenses are keeping you behind. 

+ You don't feel like you're making enough money to reach your goals of being financially free one day.

If you answered Yes to any of the sentences above then The Young Yet Wise Society is for you. We're all here to learn, reach our money goals and support one another and for just .67 cents a day you can start reaching your money goals. 

Here’s how it will change your life:

  • A mindset boost that will make you feel like Rihanna.  
  • A money plan that still allows you to live your best life.
  • A support system that encourages your progress. We will say things like YASSSSS, live ya best life sis.
  • Get closer to your debt free dreams.
  • A plan that allows you to save, pay your bills, pay off debt and also have money for brunch wit ya besties. ( Or a vacation to stunt on the gram that you budgeted for)
  • Make ya ex's think who is that lady she is out here getting her whole life together. (jk can't really promise this)

No more waiting like Tamar we are shaving our heads bald and dedicating our life to making better money choices. Okay maybe not the going bald part, but you get what I'm trying to say. 
Mess wit me and get ya money #CardiBvoice

Still not convinced sis?

 Meet one of my Young Yet Wise Society members 
  1. What’s the investment? The cost to reaching your money goals, Priceless! Join Today for just .67 cents a day. 

Want to work with me One-on-One instead?

I can help you get unstuck with your money and gain control of your finances. 

When you’re working with me I need you to be successful, therefore it’s my job to keep you accountable to reaching your goals. I understand that there will be bumps in the road but all I ask is that you push yourself beyond your current comfort zone. 

This is a partnership where we work together in four different stages and you master each stage before moving on to the next one.  

 If the only money plan you have is in your head and you need help creating a plan to get rid of your debt, save more money and fix your credit. Well, you’re in the right place.

Investment: $97.00 per month Book your free 10 min consultation call here today to see if we’ll be a good fit!  

Candice  Marie

Candice Marie

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I’m Candice Marie your personal finance friend that wants you to win this year and beyond.

6 years ago Candice Marie didn't want to check her net worth because she knew it would be in the negatives. She created a blog called Young Yet Wise to help her stay on track and learn more about her own money. Today she has a positive net worth, built up savings, investments and paid off $47,500 worth of debt and is now on a mission to help others do the same. 

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