Get your finances back on track and gain control of your money.

Tired of not having enough?, Not being financially savvy and feeling like you should be further ahead with your money than you are? | taught by Candice Marie
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Course description

I created a membership that teaches hard working women like you how to make manage their money because if you can maker wiser money choices you can live a better life

My guess is that you're at a place in your life where you realize you can't reach your money goals alone, and you need some accountability. You may even feel a little embarrassed that you've been working for a few years and still don't know how to properly manage your money. Well put that shame to the side, The Young Yet Wise Society isn't here to pass judgement. We're all here to learn, reach out money goals and support one another and for just .67 cents a day you can start reaching your money goals. 

Once a month, members will get a new easy-to-follow training video will be released based on a specific money topic; The video training are exclusive to YYWS members only. So if you feel like you didn't properly learn how to manage your money, that will no longer be an excuse. 

There’s More...

If you have any money questions or unexpected life events happens weddings, car issues,helping out family or spending too much at Sephora and you want to talk it out can post  into the YYWS private Facebook group and myself as well as the members will be there to support you.

Once a month on a Sunday evening we all get together in a  one-hour video chat with myself and other like-minded queens. We’ll talk about goals, financial wins and struggles, how to make more money and best-practice money strategies.

No more procrastination, No more lacking discipline, no more giving up and not having someone to keep you accountable. Walk into the new year with your head held high, and a system in place for your money.

Remember “You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset.” - Tom Hopkins 

Who should join the YYWS?

The YYWS is for you if you want to:

  1. Know where your money should go each month.
  2. Save more with your current income.
  3. Maintain the motivation to manage your money.
  4. Understand how to create a realistic budget.
  5. Get ahead of your debt and upcoming bills.
  6. Balance paying bills and having spending money.
  7. Have guilt-free YOLO moments when Nike has a sale.
  8. Know where and how to invest your money
 Meet one of my Young Yet Wise Society members Cray

Here’s what the YYWS can help you build:

  • A mindset boost and ideas on ways to generate more income.
  • A budget that fits your personality.
  • A support system that encourages your progress.
  • A solution to pay off your debt while maintaining your lifestyle.
  • A plan that allows you to save, pay your bills, pay off debt and also have leftover guilt-free money.
  • Understanding the basics of investing
  • Ideas on ways to earn more money

What’s the investment? The cost to reaching your money goals, Priceless!

 “There is an old person inside of you that’s depending on you to be smart it’s the person you’re going to be 30-40 years from now do not disappoint that person by being foolish in the strongest years of your life.” – T.D. Jakes
Candice  Marie
Candice Marie
Instructor Title

I’m Candice Marie your personal finance friend that wants you to win this year and beyond.

5 years ago I had a negative net worth. I didn’t want to check my net worth because I knew it would be in the negatives meaning I owed more than I owned. I was afraid.

Once I added up everything I owned (assets) and subtracted it from everything that I owed (debt and other liabilities) I was in the negatives. I knew I had to do something to change this. I created a plan a plan to invest more money, save more, and pay off my debt faster. I even created a challenge where I helped myself and 9 other people eliminated $39,5000 worth of debt in just 11 weeks. I now have a positive net worth and my goal is to help you get your finances on track.