How to get your money right and curves tight in 2019

If you’ve eaten too much over the holidays or did wayyy more shopping than you planned for push the stress and overwhelm aside and let Kirby and I help you get back on track | taught by Candice Marie
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Getting your money right and curves tight 1 hour video
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The New Year is here and lets’ face it you’ve had way too much to eat during the holidays and probably did more shopping than you hoped you would and may feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to getting back on track with your fitness and your money. Well, no worries Kirby and I are here to help you get back to reaching your goals. You don't want another year to pass and you're still wishing you would've started sooner on your body and your money.

Candice Marie: Hosted a debt challenge where she helped 10 people eliminate 39,500 worth of debt combined in just 11 weeks. She’s written two books one on how to get started investing, another on how to pay off your debt fast and is now DEBT FREE with a positive net worth.

Presenters: Kirby Espinal had his Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise, as well as being an ACE certified personal trainer, weight management specialist, and orthopedics specialist. He uses today’s technology to train virtually, expanding his ability to serve anyone in the nation. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 1 hour video:

  • Top workouts to build your booty
  •  Top things to do to stick to your monthly spending plan
  • The typical meal plan needed to reach your body goals 
  • Tips to beef up your savings and pay off your debt
  • The mindset shift you need to have in order to reach your body and money goals
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Candice  Marie
Candice Marie

The Young Yet Wise Way is a place where women realize that yes money is important, but so are other areas of our life. We are not only striving to get our money right, but also working on other areas of our life like our wellness, personal development and exploring the ideas of entrepreneurship.

Mission: To inspire millions of ambitious professional woman to get better at mastering their money and other areas of their life.  Mind (books personal development, meditation), body (food, workout, sleep, healthy relationships), soul( prayer, forgiveness)  and bank account they are all connected.

own money journey of having a negative net worth and not knowing much about money to having a positive net worth and paying off 47,000 worth of debt.  Her mission is to now help others do the same.