Becoming Financially Savvy

Understanding your money, creating a plan, saving and paying off debt | taught by Candice Marie
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Candice  Marie
Candice Marie

About the instructor

The Young Yet Wise Way is a place where women realize that yes money is important, but so are other areas of our life. We are not only striving to get our money right, but also working on other areas of our life like our wellness, personal development and exploring the ideas of entrepreneurship.

Mission: To inspire millions of ambitious professional woman to get better at mastering their money and other areas of their life.  Mind (books personal development, meditation), body (food, workout, sleep, healthy relationships), soul( prayer, forgiveness)  and bank account they are all connected.

own money journey of having a negative net worth and not knowing much about money to having a positive net worth and paying off 47,000 worth of debt.  Her mission is to now help others do the same.

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Have more control in your finances even if right now you're feeling out of control

Hey I'm Candice Marie I paid off $47,000 worth of debt and became debt free in 2017.

I've designed this course in a challenge type way with tasks that you must do each week in order to help you reach your money goals.

At the beginning of the course you will set up your realistic goals, reprogram your money mindset, and create a spending plan.

I can promise that you will have a better plan for your savings, your money mindset and your debt. Have more control in your finances even if right now you're feeling out of control.   Maybe no one taught you how to proper budget or create a plan for your money, well that excuse ends today!

This course is for you if:

+ You feel like you're struggling to make ends meet.  You tell yourself you could be making smarter choices with your money because you make good money, but at the end of the month you're still like" dang where is all my money, and how come I don't have much money left over."

+ You're having trouble sticking to your budget especially when you walk into Zara money just seems to throw itself at the cashier.

+ You find yourself overspending as if your bank account is Beyonces.

+ Your idea of self control is YOLO, I deserve this.

+ You find yourself using your emergency fund money on sales at Sephora .

+ Unexpected expenses are keeping you behind. 

+ You don't feel like you're making enough money to reach your goals of being financially free one day.

If you answered Yes to any of the sentences above then this course is for you.

Here’s how this course will change your life:

  • Reprogram your negative money mindset which will help you break your bad money habits.
  • A money plan that still allows you to live your best life.
  • No longer having to be envious of other people who have their finances together.
  • Get closer to your debt free dreams
  • No longer being afraid to check your accounts.
  • A peace of mind going to bed at night knowing you're making progress towards your goals.
  • A plan that allows you to save, pay your bills, pay off debt and also have money for brunch wit ya besties. ( Or a vacation to stunt on the gram that you budgeted for)
  • Make ya ex's think who is that new person because you're out here getting your whole life together. (jk can't really promise this)
  • No longer disappointing yourself by saying I'll do it next year. This is your year to get things done.

The Truth is that it's up to make the changes  and do the work. 

Don't let any more time pass or excuses pass you by if getting your finances together was one of your goals in January yet you're not close to where you thought you would be let me help you get there! 

A few years ago I had a negative net worth, very little savings, a ton of debt, no plan, no budget and the only investment I had was a 401k. I decided that it was time for me to really focus on getting my finances together. Now I have a positive net worth, multiple investments, more money in my savings and paid off $47,000 worth of debt. Everything I learned about money I've put it inside this course to help you master your money as well. 


Will it actually take me 3 months to finish this course? Technically the course is 2 hours. Getting your finances together won't happen over night. I chose 3 months because I based this course off of how I work with my one-on-one clients.  Truth is your finances won't ever be finished you will have to constantly stick to and work on your plan this is a great head start. Every new habit will take time, especially if your trying to break bad money habits you've had your entire life.

The Investment: Just $97.00! 

Course Contents

14 Videos
1 Quiz
2 Texts
3 PDFs
1 Audio
2.5 hrs